Monday, August 16, 2010

Washing Cloth Diapers

Because my goal here is to simply create one space where you may find all kinds baby and parenting related things in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts, I often don't feel the need to write a bunch of wordy wordiness, but instead just direct you to a resource that you might find helpful.

Therefore, I'd like to share the best instructions I've come across for washing Cloth Diapers - on the Nicki's Diapers blog.

I've done A LOT of research on Cloth Diapers, so believe me, I really do feel these are easy to understand and very direct, which is great because washing cloth diapers is what I think scares people away from cloth diapering all together.

I hope this will help anyone who had any doubts or questions about washing cloth diapers!


  1. I love this blog! I was never brave enough to try out cloth diapering but I respect your courage.

    If you don't mind I will put a link to it on my website. There are so many helpful tips that I never knew about! I will tell all of my clients about the cloth diapering ideas.