Saturday, October 17, 2009

Body Pillow

I want a body pillow. A snoogle, a boppy, whatever.

I'm researching. Do you have a favorite, one to recommend? Remember, I'm new at this, I'd love to know!!

And yes, it might be early for me to be looking, but I already sleep holding a pillow by my side, I feel I might as well get a fancy one now! But some are pricey and I don't want to get something that will end up being a waste!

12 Week Ultrasound

Actually, this is 11 weeks and 4 days.

Our midwife tried to hear the heartbeat through a doppler at 9 weeks 4 days... but couldn't.

She'd warned us that would probably be the case, but arranged another appointment at 11 weeks 4 days to try again.

And, again, it didn't work.

She wasn't nervous, and I wasn't (that) nervous, but she had us go over to get an ultrasound so everyone would be happy and not full of anxiety.

And there was our baby! That little wiggle worm - which is what we call her/him now - was moving around SO MUCH that it's no wonder we couldn't hear the heartbeat!

That baby was jumping! And swimming! And dancing! And waving!

And then the baby calmed down enough to let us get this perfect profile picture of her/him.

What a profile! The baby's the size of a large plum right about now, and those facial details look so well formed already!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our First Baby Purchase!

After our midwife appointment last week, we went shopping!

I thought it would be great for Andy (my awesome husband) to pick out a little something - our first little something! - for the baby.

After all, I know I'm pregnant because I am the one who goes back and forth between feeling fat, grossly nauseous and amazingly awesome due to the little bugger in me. I'm aware of it constantly.

But Andy, the poor guy, he only knows I'm pregnant because I tell him I am. Sure, we have a couple ultrasound pictures, but he's kind of removed from the whole thing.

So, the idea for him to be the one to pick out a nice little thang for our sweet baby.

Of course, we don't know the gender yet, but we found a super cute unisex onesie at Essentials in Northampton that cost wayyy too much, and is way too cute. Since it's our first purchase, we thought we'd splurge. (And never again spend $35 on a onesie!!)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Prenatal Yoga, Yo

After I found out I'm all knocked up and such (10 weeks +!!) and I knew that I wanted to do prenatal yoga.

I've done yoga videos (er, DVDs, I mean...I might've just dated myself and revealed my 31 years) before, but I've never taken a class. I knew this was the push I needed to finally get my sorry ass into a yoga studio.

I was also feeling excited about prenatal yoga because I'm new to the area, and would love to meet other awesome people, possibly pregnant chicks, like me. Who live around here. In Easthampton. Or Northampton. Or Southampton. Somewhere around here. Even Amherst. I'm not too picky.

But the only yoga studios I've found only offer prenatal yoga once a week, if at all, and always at about 5:30, which is right when I get off work, thus making it impossible for me to get there on time.

Luckily, my job days/hours change as of November 1st, so I've already arranged my schedule to make me available for classes.

But, goodness, I'm surprised that I didn't find any prenatal yoga classes during the day anywhere around here in the Pioneer Valley.

Anyone else have a similar dilemma? Or know of a yoga studio that I might have missed?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'm New and I'm Pregnant

Hi there.

About me:
I live in Easthampton, MA.

I'm 10 weeks pregnant today.

I'm due on May 2, 2010.

I'm pretty sure I conceived the baby (with the help of that guy, my husband) on Sunday, August 8th.

I'm planning on having the baby at Cooley Dickinson Hospital. I am using their Midwifery Center. So far I'm totally digging their midwives.

My first sign that I was pregnant was many instances of intense dizziness.

Since then, I've experienced serious nausea (yet only one instance of vomiting - hooray!), sore boobs, vivid dreams and massive amounts of fatigue.

The morning sickness has been gone for about 4 or 5 days now... for good, I hope.

Things I've craved:
potatoes, brisket, salt & vinegar potato chips, sour pickles, rice pudding, chicken livers.

We think the baby will be a boy.
No real science behind that... I just have some friends who just had/are having girls, and I figure, someone's gotta supply the boys.

I look forward to sharing this experience here on this blog. I hope you'll come back!