Saturday, October 17, 2009

12 Week Ultrasound

Actually, this is 11 weeks and 4 days.

Our midwife tried to hear the heartbeat through a doppler at 9 weeks 4 days... but couldn't.

She'd warned us that would probably be the case, but arranged another appointment at 11 weeks 4 days to try again.

And, again, it didn't work.

She wasn't nervous, and I wasn't (that) nervous, but she had us go over to get an ultrasound so everyone would be happy and not full of anxiety.

And there was our baby! That little wiggle worm - which is what we call her/him now - was moving around SO MUCH that it's no wonder we couldn't hear the heartbeat!

That baby was jumping! And swimming! And dancing! And waving!

And then the baby calmed down enough to let us get this perfect profile picture of her/him.

What a profile! The baby's the size of a large plum right about now, and those facial details look so well formed already!!

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