Monday, October 5, 2009

Prenatal Yoga, Yo

After I found out I'm all knocked up and such (10 weeks +!!) and I knew that I wanted to do prenatal yoga.

I've done yoga videos (er, DVDs, I mean...I might've just dated myself and revealed my 31 years) before, but I've never taken a class. I knew this was the push I needed to finally get my sorry ass into a yoga studio.

I was also feeling excited about prenatal yoga because I'm new to the area, and would love to meet other awesome people, possibly pregnant chicks, like me. Who live around here. In Easthampton. Or Northampton. Or Southampton. Somewhere around here. Even Amherst. I'm not too picky.

But the only yoga studios I've found only offer prenatal yoga once a week, if at all, and always at about 5:30, which is right when I get off work, thus making it impossible for me to get there on time.

Luckily, my job days/hours change as of November 1st, so I've already arranged my schedule to make me available for classes.

But, goodness, I'm surprised that I didn't find any prenatal yoga classes during the day anywhere around here in the Pioneer Valley.

Anyone else have a similar dilemma? Or know of a yoga studio that I might have missed?

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