Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The New Normal

Ruby is one month old today!

We are starting to get back to what I consider a "new normal"... it kind of looks like our old life, but, you know, it's different. There's a lot less sleep involved, and more planning around a baby's eating schedule.

Also, we get way more excited about poo than we ever did before.

We've been venturing out and running lots of errands and doing some shopping here and there in the area.

One visit we made was to A Child's Garden in Northampton for the babywearing drop-in hours (Wednesdays 4-6pm), to learn how to properly use our Moby wrap.

It was great! Meg Eisenhauer Barry, the Babywearing Educator, explained everything and showed us how to use our wrap, and we are completely set. And in love with it! What a great service this store offers.

We have so many other stops to make... I've got my eye on multiple groups at Cooley Dickinson Hospital, like Beyond Birth and their weekly Breastfeeding Clinic, as well as various baby and Mama (and Papa!) classes and meetup groups in the area.

Aside from baby stuff, we also have to get started on gardening... we are desperate to plant our own vegetable garden, so we need to research and start that ASAP. In the meantime, we begin our weekly pickups at Mountain View Farm CSA tomorrow, so that's a new and exciting experience for us, too!

Finally, we are looking forward to my in-laws, Ruby's grandparents, coming from the Czech Republic next week... they are staying with us for 3 months! Wow! We're very excited, as we get along splendidly, and I'm sure it will be a blast since I'll have help, and they'll spend the time with their first grandchild.

Off to run more errands now...

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  1. Your new normal sounds pretty freakin' great. Congrats on the new addition! I love that cozy all-wrapped-up pic.