Thursday, January 21, 2010

Displaying the Name

My days are now occupied with just about three things: work, researching and registering, and enjoying the kicks and movement of a very active baby.

As I go through these days I'm both physically and mentally acquiring ideas and decorations for the nursery. One that is on my mind quite a bit is how to display our daughter's name.

The obvious choice is to hang those wooden letters on the wall, each probably hanging by a nice ribbon tied in a bow on top. But I just feel like that's done so often... I'd love to do something else.

Perhaps I should paint her name on a sign to hang... But I wonder if it would look a little too messy/homemade. Hmm.

I'm curious what other people have done. Anything a little unique, or different in some way? Please share!


  1. I bought a custom felt name banner from Crafty Mommy on Etsy. You can pick any color you want! I'm very pleased with how mine came out, and it's wonderfully made.

  2. that's great! I was wondering about banners - they look so festive!

  3. I wouldn't call it unique or anything, but I have my daughter's name in alphabet blocks on her bookshelf - Anne is stacked on top of Elizabeth. I might also hang an A on the wall at some point, but even hanging the prints we DO have has taken us this long, so who knows ;)