Saturday, March 20, 2010

Childbirth Classes

A while back we signed up for our Childbirth classes at Cooley Dickinson hospital.

We decided to go for Childbirth 101, Breastfeeding Basics, Understanding Newborn Behavior, and Nuts and Bolts of Babies. Because of scheduling conflicts we signed up to take the Childbirth 101 class over the course of 4 weeks (as opposed to the one time, all day Saturday class), and the rest of the classes will take place all on one Saturday (next Saturday, in fact!).

The Childbirth 101 class was set to begin March 7th but the week before it began we got a call that it was canceled! Due to not enough people signing up! Yuck!

So we switched to the April class instead. Which is lovely. Except it's all a month later than we'd planned, and goes right up to my due date. I'm hoping we'll still get all we need from the class (as in, I won't deliver 3 weeks before my due date!). Of course, I've heard that sometimes these classes aren't really necessary if you've done enough reading, which God knows, I have.

Now we wait, as time passes by. And it's moving quickly - tomorrow is 34 weeks for me! 

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  1. We just went to our first childbirth class last night; the course runs for 6 weeks. One girl there is due TODAY! She said she figured one class was better than no class, and I think she has a good point. Even if you have your baby early, at least you'll have SOME knowledge. Plus, I bet some of the info from you other classes will overlap a bit. HOpeeverything works out!